Will God Heal Me?

God’s will Concerning Our Health

Will God heal me? What must I do for God to heal me? Do I need to pray more? Is God punishing me for my sins? Do I need to read my bible more? Does God always heals? If you believe God heals and have faced sickness or disease, then most likely you have had some of these thoughts cross your mind at some point, but you are not alone. Because the subject of healing is one that has a lot of confusion, assumption and misconception around it. Credit to our adversary – the Devil who has succeeded in blinding the hearts and minds of several people in this area with his lies and deception.  So many people live through life without knowing the will of God for their lives. The foundation for success in any area of life is to first of all know what the will of God for you is concerning that particular issue, and of course healing and health is no exception. God – your father has a ‘will’ for you regarding healing and health just as much as he has a will for you regarding prosperity, after-life, relationships, and many other aspects of life. There are several great definition of the term ‘will.’ However, the Oxford dictionary defines it as, a deliberate or fixed desire or intention [towards a thing or person]. So, when we talk about ‘the will of God’ we are referring to God’s intentions and desires towards us [and the diverse aspect of our lives]. In other words, God’s will is what he intents for us to have and what he intents for us to become.

Now, earthly parents have intentions and desires they have for their kids – to do well in school, in their health, in their careers, in their marriage, and so on. Those desires and intents of our earthly parents is their ‘will’ towards us, we are assured that they are all good wills. Likewise, God being our heavenly father has intents and desires for us and this will of His is found in no other place than his word – the bible!

Therefore, God’s will concerning our health is that we should live a sickness/disease free lives. In other words, God desires and intents that his children experience healing and divine health respectively. A scripture that best explains this is 3rd john 1:2 “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in be in health, even as thy soul prospereth”. This may be a shocker to you especially if you’ve believed otherwise or prayed for healing and haven’t seen it manifest yet. Nevertheless, you see it clearly stated out that the wish of your father, or you could say his will, his intentions, his desire towards you, yes you!, is that above every other thing you should live in divine health!

Now, God’s will concerning your health is established. Nonetheless, if you as an individual do not know this, you will be living in darkness, and that will empower the deceiver over you. Lack of knowledge of God’s will is one of Satan’s greatest strategies in keeping believers defeated in their health. Hosea 4:6 tells us “… my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge...” Hence, lack of knowledge concerning God’s will for our health will allow Satan bring destruction in this area. However, it is through knowledge that we experience freedom and enjoy victory in our health life (Proverbs 11:9; John 8:32). If you must experience [divine] victory in your health, you need faith! This is non-negotiable (see Hebrews 11:6), but of course you can’t exercise faith for healing and health unless you know what is God’s intent, ‘wish,’ and desires for you concerning your health. This then brings us back to the issue of God’s will. I mean, a kid that knows that it is the will of his parent for him to go school and do well, would have no issue requesting for school fees from them. Because he’s assured that what he is asking for is in accordance to their will for him. Hence, he is embolden to ask and expects to receive based on that knowledge. However, if such child becomes skeptical or double minded about asking for such, then, one reason could be that he isn’t sure if it is their will for him to go to school. Thus, the confidence or the ‘faith’ to ask is crushed because of ignorance. Likewise, for us believers, receiving healing and walking in divine health begins when we know the will of God [concerning our health].  In other words, knowing God’s intention and desires concerning our health is the first step to walking in divine health. Thankfully, the Word of God is the will of God! So we can look into it and know for sure what God’s mind is concerning our health. Without the knowledge of the will of God, you’ll have no basis for Faith. (See John 15:7). The good news here is that the will of God your father is not a mystery. It is not hidden from us. He has given us His word (the bible) and His Spirit so that we may know what His perfect will for our lives is (see 1st Corinthians 2:12).

Now, I am sure we’ve raised more questions than we have answered, but a common one that arises each time the will of God is discussed is… “Isn’t everything that happens God’s will?” well, the short and simple answer is No. We’ve dealt with the long explanatory answer here. Notwithstanding, Not everything that happens in life (even in the life of a believer) is the will of God. So many people [believers inclusive] try to ascertain and decipher the will of God by the outcomes of their lives. Say for instance, they pray for healing and it manifest, they conclude it is God’s will. In another instance they pray for healing and don’t see the manifestation, then they conclude that surely it is not God’s will to heal. Such approach is wrong and dangerous because it ties the will of your father to results or lack of it and not to the infallible Word of God. To find out the will of God about anything in life, there is just one place to look – His Word (the bible). So to know what the will of God is concerning healing and health, all we have to do is to look into the Word of God. Therefore, in the next article we will be looking at reasons from the Bible why we are sure it is the will of God for all to be healed. In the next article we will be expounding on solid biblical reasons why God wants you well and wants to heal you! But for now, be rest assured that it is the will of God for you to be in [divine] health and receive perfect healing. 3rd John 1:2.

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