Will God heal Me?

The Origin of Sickness and Disease

Nobody doubts God’s power, but we most times doubt his willingness to use his power on our behalf, and that includes his willingness to heal us. In essence, we all believe that God has the power to heal or deliver us, but the challenge most times is that we struggle to believe if he will really do it. Hence, in the previous article, we discussed the will of God concerning our health. As promised, in this article we will consider one of the reasons why we are certain it is the will of God for everyone to be healed and live in [Divine] health. That is, as Christians we believe…

It is God’s will to heal everyone because of the First Creation

The bible account of the creation of heaven and earth tells us that within a six day period, God spoke everything we see today into existence and then He saw that it was good (Genesis 1:1-31). The fish, the birds, the trees, the ants, the Sun, the moon, the stars… you name it! And God said it was all good! Now, notice the pattern God used in the creation story. First, God spoke what He wanted. What he wanted came into existence, and then He saw what He created and called it Good! This establishes a principle. That everything God created was, and is still good! I mean, if he created it, then it must be good. Why? Because God is a good God (James 1:17, 1 John 4:8).

Now, there are tremendous lessons we can learn from the account of the original creation in Genesis chapter one, but of course my point here is that there was never a time in the entire creation story where we see God creating such a thing as sickness or disease let alone calling it good. Hence, from the original creation account, we conclude that God did not at any point create sickness/disease. The logical question then is “where did sickness and disease come from then”? Sickness and diseases came into the world as a result of the fall of man. You could say, sickness and disease came in as by-products of the Adam’s Sin (Genesis 3). Literally, everything ‘evil’ you see today (sickness inclusive) that wasn’t created by God in the original creation (Genesis chapter one) came in as a result of the fall of man. The fall of man (Adam’s sin) perverted God’s creation. Things like Insects, germs, wild animals, and wild plants were all part of God’s creation and were not designed to be harmful or malicious. Nevertheless, the fall perverted the entire creation and we see things like mosquitoes and microbes that were designed for God’s glory turn around to be harmful to humanity, all as a result of the fall.  There was no account of evil or sickness prior to Adam’s rebellion in the Garden of Eden. The bible tells us that “When Adam sinned, sin entered the world. Adam’s sin brought death, so death spread to everyone, for everyone sinned.Romans 5:12 (AMP). So, we see clearly from God’s Word that Adam’s disobedience opened the door for Sin to come into the world, and with Sin followed sickness (which itself is a form of death). Death in this context isn’t just referring to physical death alone, it includes that, but it encompasses every negative occurrence on humans and the entirety of God’s creation. Poverty is death, depression, lack, loneliness, and such alike are all forms of death. Again, we see fear (a kind of death) also manifesting after the fall of man. Genesis 3:10So he said, “I heard Your voice in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked; and I hid myself.” This was Adam being fearful after he fell – an experience he never had before the fall. This goes to tell us that fear, sickness, disease and every kind of ‘death’ or ‘evil’ you see today in our world wasn’t created by God. Rather, they all came in as a result of the fall of man.

Seeing then than sickness and disease aren’t part of God’s original plan for mankind, this gives us the confidence and boldness to resist it (James 4:7). If God wanted us to have sickness or disease, he would have created it and even called it good, but praise God he didn’t. Rather, he redeemed us from these forms of ‘death’ through the atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore do not let the devil keep you in bondage with lies, telling you that God is the one making you sick. Or God is using sickness to discipline you. No! God is not the author of sickness or disease, Satan is. In the next article we will consider other reasons why we are solidly convinced it is Gods will for everyone to be healed and live in [divine] health.


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