Why Live Holy?

The first five chapters of Romans was extra ordinarily dealt with by Paul concerning the power of the Grace of God and the concept of justification by faith. Truths contained in Paul’s letters will without doubt raise many eyebrows and shake some grounds in an average believers’ understanding about sin, righteousness and holiness. Let’s dive right in as we get to see some reasons why a believer should live holy and its importance.

What does it Mean? 

There are couple of definitions that is associated with the word ‘holy’. The dictionary definition puts it in a few different ways but very similar meanings. It could mean; to be separate or set apart for some purpose; perfection; flawlessness, dedication to a deity or something sacred and probably a lot more. Although one of the most emphasized understanding of holiness today, is mostly about moral excellence and perfection. However, let’s see a few scriptures to help our understanding of the meaning of ‘Holy’ in this regard. 1st Peter 2:9; 1 Thessalonians 4:7; Exodus 19:5-6; Romans 12:2; 1 Corinthians 1:30

So, why should I live Holy?

This is such a beautiful question and we are glad that we could do a little to add to your understanding.

Let’s see, Romans 6:2 How shall we, that are dead to sin, live any longer therein?

You see, It is to our advantage to have a slight understanding of what happened when we all became born-again. Christ took upon himself our old sinful nature and crucified it with him on the cross (II Cor 5:21), we died in him, was buried in him and when he rose, we were then rebranded and born again in him. Casting away the old nature that expressed itself through sin and giving us a new nature that seeks to do the will of God even through holy living (Romans 6:3-7)

This is to say that if we do understand the purpose and the means by which we have been saved, then living Holy is not an option. So one reason to live Holy is based on the fact that after being born again, it is no longer in our nature to sin.

Another reason why a believer should live Holy can be found in Romans 6:15,16. Living Holy will negate and put a hold to the enemy’s incursive move and plans into the life of the believer.

For the believer, more than the act, Holy living should be a by-product based off of their relationship with God through salvation. It is not a game to try to play God into answering prayers, giving us direction in life, protection or generally becoming favorable unto us. By reason of your position in Christ Jesus, all of these blessings are yours already, it’s not like you have to earn them.

Why is it Important?

The average believer is unconsciously trying to present their performance as a basis to get God to move in their lives. Now that is a wrong motive! That is very legalistic and so many believers have grown hard in that setting.

For the believer, holy living should be a byproduct and not a means or basis to salvation. Furthermore, we must learn to come to the understanding that we are in a battle and that there is an enemy. Satan will very much appreciate the slightest chance and make adequate use of any given opportunity to meddle with your life, if you allow him (II Corinthians 2:11).


On the whole, God does not move in your life based on your performance but because He is Love(1 John 4:7-8), if you never fellowshipped with God again in the place of prayer or bible reading, exercised faith in giving and the likes of such, God would still love you exactly the same but your love for Him will be affected by the absence of some these actions (holy acts) that you need to take.

So regardless, come what may, holiness for the believer is important and vital if we must live a victorious life in this kingdom not by power or might but by the spirit of the living God that resides within us.



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