The Power of the Holy Communion

 What is The Holy Communion?

The Holy communion also known as the Lords supper was first instituted by Jesus on the same night that He was betrayed into the hands of the Roman Government. Ultimately, the Holy Communion renders and portrays God’s incomparable and unending Love for the human race.

At no point was it recorded in the bible that Jesus was sick and probably told peter or some other disciple to carry on with ministry. He literally walked the earth in perfect health until the crucifixion where he was scourged, beaten and wounded but all for our sake (Isaiah 53 1 Peter 2:24).

The communion elements as shown in the scriptures Matthew 26:26-28 – the bread which represents his body broken and scourged for us. The cup, His blood. As a matter of fact, Luke tells us that the new covenant is established in his blood and so does Paul in his letters (Colossians 1:14, Ephesians 1:7). To find out more about the sacrifice of Jesus, kindly check our previous article on the Significance of Easter.

Why do we Partake of the Holy Communion as Believers?

Growing up, I heard teachings about the communion that weren’t consistent with the Love of God. So to be honest, I was literally scared of partaking in the communion and at some point I thought God would kill me if I did partake without confessing my sins. But that is not true, in fact it is because of our sins that he had to die on the cross.  So I had to deconstruct some of those beliefs by renewing my mind with the word of God and good teachings as well.

After salvation, health and wholeness are great blessings to covet (3 John 1:2) and the communion is one channel instituted by God himself so we can be made whole.

The revelation behind our fellowship with His body should be to this consciousness of “Him and how His body was broken for our healing and His blood shed for the forgiveness of sins” (Luke 22:19-20). Whenever we partake with this consciousness, the Bible says we proclaim the Lords death till he comes. The message translation puts it this way “you reenact in your words and actions the death of the Master” (1 Corinthians 11:24-26).

Well someone may ask how often do I take the Holy Communion? The answer to that is very simple “as often as you can!”

You see, the Holy Communion is not a ritual. Meaning it is not something we observe carelessly. This is why we must have the right consciousness as we hold the elements in our hands. It is the cup of the Blessing that must be received and not a ritual (1 Corinthians 10:16).

So when we lift up the bread in thanksgiving we are declaring that we have healing and health purchased for us through the sacrifice of body of Jesus. And when we lift up the cup, we are declaring that we have forgiveness of sins in Him and have been made right with God and that we can boldly come into his presence and fellowship with Him (Hebrews 4:16). So beloved, pray with this consciousness whenever you’re opportune to partake of the Holy communion on your own, with family/friends or at church.


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