The Leading of the Spirit

Enhancing Your Spiritual Sensitivity III

Luke 4 : 1
Then Jesus, being FILLED WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT, returned from the Jordan and WAS LED BY THE SPIRIT into the wilderness,

Jesus was filled with the Spirit of God and was led by the Spirit of God.

Whatever fills your life will lead your life.

If the Spirit fills your life, He will surely lead your life.

If a man is full of alcohol, the alcohol will lead him.

If you are full of movies, the movies will lead your life.

If the Word of God fills your life He will surely lead your life.

Thus the easiest way to enhance your spiritual sensitivity to the Holy Spirit is by maintaining a Spirit filled life.

Keep drinking of the Spirit and stay drunk in the Spirit Then receiving divine guidance will become easier for you.

Spend much time daily drinking of the Holy Spirit and being drunk in the Spirit, then you will become more sensitive to the leading of the Spirit of God.


# Prayers
” LORD, help me to develop a greater sensitivity to Your Spirit and a deeper intimacy with You in Jesus Name”

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