Salt And Light Of The World

We live in a broken and fallen world, from our day-to-day living, you can tell how much evil is going on in almost every area of life, from politics, to entertainment, to relationships and marriages, to parenting and family life, to education and so on. It’s pretty amazing how Jesus chooses to relate believers as salt and light of the same world.  In this blog post, we will delve right into what it means to be salt and light of the world as inscribed in the scriptures.

One of Jesus’ message on the mountain in Matthew 5:13-16 “you are the salt of the earth; but if a salt loses its flavour, how shall it be seasoned? It is then good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot by men…”

Prior to refrigeration, in almost every setting of mankind preservation of food items most especially meat was done through salting. Today, sciences tells us it does that by diminishing the amount of unbound water available that favours the growth of some bacteria’s and chemical reactions.

Another use of salt through history to date is addition of savor to food or drink.

Through history, we have come to understand the importance and value of salt in our day-to-day life’s. So many times it’s used to add flavour and taste to food and some other times used to preserve it and so much more. We’ve also understood that the chemical combinations of salt are what gives it the ability of producing such possibility.

It is believed that Matthew 5:13-16 is a message solely addressed to the disciples and followers of Jesus by Jesus himself. As a born again believer in Christ Jesus, this message is addressed with your name tagged on it whoever you are and where ever you are from. You are a huge part of what God is doing on earth. You are more than a bag of blood and bone walking pass the streets of your city every day. By reason of being born into the life of God through Christ, you represent a fragrance, flavour and an agent of preservation when you were called out.

The life of God in you is what gives you the ability to become as light that shines and couldn’t be comprehended by darkness John 1:5. That same life is what gives you the grace of becoming as salt that flavours someone’s life and makes them have better taste and become beautiful and colourful Galatians 5:22


Romans 12 spoke of refusing to conform into the image the world keeps painting across our minds on a daily basis but be transformed rather through the renewing of the mind. In doing this, we bring restoration of God’s will to the world. This can only be made possible when we give that life expression. But how do we do that? (The wisdom that allows that manifestation is called obedience) The answer is obedience. Jesus said you do not light a lamp and put it under a bushel rather we put it on a lampstand. Meaning, we must learn to give this light in us expression by placing it on a platform that is most suitable for it to maximize its potential.

Stand out today as Light by the Help of the Holy Spirit in you!

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