Redemption and Direction

Redemption and Direction

Exodus 15 : 13
You in Your mercy HAVE LED FORTH The people whom You HAVE REDEEMED; You have guided [them] in Your strength To Your holy habitation.

There is a very close relationship between redemption and direction. Understanding this relationship will enhance our spiritual sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.

We can see one of such relationships from our text for today.
“… You have led forth the people whom You have redeemed…”

The same LORD Who redeemed us, ,leads us. This means that your Redeemer is your Leader and your Guide.

Therefore understanding your Redeemer is understanding your spiritual Guide .

The ways of your Redeemer are the ways of your Guide and your Leader. So we can understand the ways of the Spirit of God better by studying the ways of our Redeemer.

God does not lead everyone, He leads the people that He has redeemed.

This suggests that we were redeemed by God to be led by God. We were redeemed to be led.

The leading of the Spirit is a redemption right and privilege.

Redemption precedes and guarantees divine direction.

The redeemed of the LORD has a right to be led of the LORD.


# Prayers
LORD, I thank You very much for being my Redeemer and my Guide. I am confident that You will lead me today and forever because You have redeemed me. Thank you for leading me always in Jesus Name “

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