He Healed Them All

Does God Heals Today?

Does God heals? Does God still heals today? In our previous articles, we looked at some reasons why we are convinced it is the will of God for everyone to be healed and walk in divine health respectively. In this article, we will consider yet again another biblical reason why we believe it is God’s will for everyone to be healed. That is, we are certain…


It is God’s will for all to be healed because of the ministry of Jesus Christ when He walked the earth.


The earthly ministry of Jesus is a great lesson particularly when it comes to healing and Divine Health. It is clear from the word of God that Jesus came to do the will of God (John 5:30), and of course since healing is a subject of debate among many believers. We can study the earthly life of Jesus to get to understand God’s mind over the subject – seeing that Jesus came and executed God’s will perfectly. Jesus in his own words said He does nothing of himself except what he sees The father (God) doing (John 5:19). Again, in another place Jesus stated that He came down [from heaven] not to do His will but the Will of the [The Father] who sent him – He sure did it perfectly to completion (John 6:38).  These two passages of scripture establishes to us that everything Jesus did while on earth was God’s will. This tells us He didn’t just come to roam the earth and do his own thing but what God Wills. Nevertheless, the point I am trying to get across is that, if Jesus came down to exclusively do the will of God the Father. We therefore need to look into the things he did while on earth, as those things will portray and outline to us what the will of God the Father is.


The complete Gospel account of the life and Ministry of Jesus showed us that He healed whoever came to him for healing. That in itself should ring a bell. Not a single person who came to Jesus sick or diseased ever went back with the disease/sickness – He healed them ALL. Now, if Jesus said he only does the will of God, then, it therefore means that God’s will [as seen in the ministry of Jesus] is that everyone should be healed and live free from sickness and disease. Again, not only did Jesus heal everyone who came to him, but in the entire gospel account we never saw a single record of Jesus ever putting sickness/disease on a person. There are great implications to these gospel accounts. One of it is that, since Jesus (who is God) never made anyone sick, we therefore imply that God does NOT put sickness/disease on people. Jesus never laid hands on anyone to impart sickness/disease. Jesus never told anyone “keep your sickness/disease, that’s God’s will for you.” No! He never did that, rather he healed everyone who came to him with sickness and disease. There are a total of 17 times in the entire gospel accounts where Jesus healed ALL of the sick people present. Of course some of the instances are duplicated across the four gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John), of which we can’t discuss them individually. However, for your reference, some of those instances where Jesus healed ALL of the sick people present are recorded in  Matthew 4:23-24; Matthew 8:14-17; Matthew 9:35; Matthew 12:15; and Matthew 14:35-36.  

Now, the implications to these are many, but of course since we never saw Jesus making anyone sick rather he healed the sick (Matthew 8:6-7). We therefore imply that God does not make people sick! Again, we never saw Jesus refusing to heal anyone (Mathew 8:2-3). We therefore imply that God wants to heal everyone without exception. Why? Because the Word of God tells us Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever (Hebrews 13:10). If he healed everyone yesterday, then, certainly He hasn’t changed. He still heals today and will continue to heal everyone who would receive. Glory to God!

Therefore, child of God. Do not submit to sickness and disease in ignorance. God’s will for your health is that you live in [divine] health and receive healing respectively. I mean! If God wanted us sick, then he would have at least modelled it in the earthly ministry of Jesus by imparting sickness upon the people. Praise God he didn’t model such evil. Rather, He went about doing good and healing ALL those who were oppressed of the devil – Acts 10:38. Therefore do not let the devil keep you in bondage with lies, telling you that sickness and disease is God’s will [for you]. Or God is using sickness to discipline you. No! God is not the author of sickness or disease, Satan is. Jesus wants to heal you today! In the next article we will consider another reason why we are solidly convinced it is Gods will for everyone to be healed and live in [divine] health.

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