No Longer Condemned


Unknown to many who have believed for as many years, that God is not angry with us. He has poured His holy wrath and judged sin once and forever ever since that one sacrifice offered by Jesus on the cross. All God had ever done from the day you were conceived in your mother’s womb till today and forever is love you, the evidence of His Love is vividly expressed from day to day everyday of your life (John 3:16).

Romans 8:1 There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit. In other words, this bible passage could also mean that by virtue of being in union with Christ and a part of His body, one can be excluded from damnation (eternal death). So, it is crucial for believers to realize this truth if they must thrive and succeed in life beyond the level of ordinary men.

These days, the stress level that comes with being an adult can be overwhelming sometimes and if not properly taken care of, can be chaotic and cause havoc even to your health. Doctors have come to the understanding that the source of most people’s problems is psychosomatic. Fear, doubt, stress, restlessness and even sickness and disease can stem from one’s ignorance of this truth in Romans 8:1.

Inability to pursue life with confidence can be traced down to a lacking of this essential information in this kingdom (1 John 4:17-19). This could be the reason why many believers become hopeless and crippled in their faith probably because we refused fortify ourselves with truths as such.

Truth is we all make mistakes, and we’ll make mistakes again and again. They are bound to happen as long as we are still in this body. But making a mistake is not the problem, remaining in your mistake is the problem. So Get up! Dust yourself up!  And go to the cross where there is abundance of grace and mercy (Hebrew 4:16), for even before you ever thought of making a single mistake in your life, He already paid for it all.

The criterion for which we are justified in this kingdom is based on the sacrifice of Jesus (Romans 5:8-9) and not your good deeds or right doings. I encourage right doing, live right and live a life of consecration, dedication and holiness but do not ever use it as a means for having a right standing before God because eventually, you will make errors. Most times, the reason why we feel guilty is because we have failed to meet up with certain expectations. So, what happens when you fail? Therefore, the reason why we are justified before God is because of the obedience of Jesus.

As long as you feel or think God condemns you which is not true, you will remain stagnant in your faith but since God does not condemn you who is in Christ. Child of God! DO NOT CONDEMN YOURSELF! Free yourself from all these shackles on your feet and receive the grace to run your race with boldness and confidence.

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